I pause for a moment and think of the love and the grace that Godde showers on me, creating me in her image and likeness, making me her temple…. Sacred Space

I find difficult to read any further when Sacred Space’s prayer of the day starts with these words. It is not so much that I reflect upon the love and the grace that Godde showers upon me, even though I should: I have so much for which to be grateful. It is rather this idea that Godde creates me in her image and likeness, making me her temple. Me, and everyone else.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, wrote Teilhard de Chardin. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

I could spend my whole prayer time on this creation of Godde, me, this walking temple. I wonder how the world would behave if every morning, as everyone of us gets up, looking at ourselves in the mirror as we brush our teeth, we saw Godde’s hand in who we are. 

Would it be easier to love ourselves? Would we turn to Godde and ask her to shine through us? Would we be kinder to others who are also Godde’s works of art? Would we treat them with respect and awe, as they deserve? Could we still rape and kill, insult, beat up, exploit, use people as a commodity or a sex object? I wonder.

I just know that these words I encounter some mornings on the webpages of Sacred Space have a way of turning me still, teary, and feeling blessed. To see You in each one I meet, O Godde. To live as Yours, and Yours only.

Today, as millions of people are praying for peace in Syria where barbarism has taken over the land (but not forgetting Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, the Gaza Strip — Marseille or Puerto Rico –, wherever people are slain wantonly), I remember that each person living there is also made in the image and likeness of Godde, another one of her temples.

Today then I pray that Godde’s Spirit comes down on each one of us on this planet today and renew the face of the earth…

This quote from Diana L. Hayes which I found yesterday on Give Us This Day fits today’s theme and will close this post::

To be made in Godde’s image, to be, like Jesus, sons and daughters of Godde, is both burden and grace. We are called out of ourselves to live lives that are worthy and beneficial to all, yet we fall victim to fearing others simply because they are or seem different from us. We are to be as Jesus was with others, accepting them as they are, acknowledging but also affirming the many peoples, races, ethnicities, languages and cultures found in Godde’s creation. We are different, yes, but equally good.

Diana L. Hayes, Give Us This Day, 6 September 2013 (Excerpt)

Art: Françoise Gilot, Pablo Picasso