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What matters more: #BlackLivesMatter or #Facebook?

I will be honest: I left FB at the time of Cambridge Analytica. That would be 2018. It came out that FB had sold 50 million profiles. To Cambridge Analytica and advertisers. Mark Zuckerberg made money from what you and I like and dislike. I disliked that big time, so I left.

Now I see that many Facebook workers, like many Amazon and Google workers, are unhappy with their employers. Sunday it was announced that more than 140 Zuckerberg-funded scientists called on Facebook to rein in Trump.

Mr. Zuckerberg is a Trump supporter, and I guess he is entitled to. He must feel deep down that the bile poured out on FB pages represents what he, Mr. Zuckerberg, feels toward the world. A world that he also exploits in his own way.

What surprises me is that people who believe that #BlackLivesMatter, who find Mr. Trump’s inflammatory posts repulsive and reprehensible, stay on Facebook. And I’m talking of US citizens here, people who are directly involved and touched by what America stands for.

Because on Facebook, Amerikkka speaks freely. How can they bear it? Is there no cognitive dissonance? No feeling of moral discomfort?

I realize that Facebook is an addiction; it was for me — first thing in the morning and last thing at night. A way to connect with friends and families, to make new friends as well. A place to post my blog, to share articles I like… But dang…

So I came up with an idea: why not boycott Facebook as long as there is no moderation of the oil Mr. Trump pours on the social fire? It won’t be forever. There will be a time to return to the clicking of likes and dislikes on the Facebook feed.

Or maybe it’s too hard to do.

Who am I to say anything? I am on Instagram, a Facebook product 😱

“Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Note: Photo found at New Economy Coalition (photo)

Could the Spirit be with the demonstrators?

Come, Holy Spirit, come! … Come Father/Mother of the poor! … Come within our bosoms shine… Oh most blessed Light divine, shine within these hearts of yours, and our inmost being fill!… Where you are not, we are naught… Heal our wounds, our strength renew; on our dryness pour your dew…

Isn’t it odd that confined in my garden on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, I follow the news online and I can feel the pain of folks who have been enduring injustice for centuries? They stand up in grief and clamor for change. I walk with them in prayer and spirit.

Epidemics, it has been written, change history. The confinement has brought many of us to a stop and forced us to look at our lives. Many of us say, “I don’t want to go back to the way it was. I want to help bring about a better world.” But change doesn’t come easily, especially when change shoves our routine aside.

The recent murder of George Floyd, one more black person killed by a white police officer, has been the final straw for the black community, and many other folks.

How many disasters must come our way before we understand our need to change? Climate change is upon us, and we’re not doing a thing. Children go to bed hungry. No day care help for single mothers. No health protection. No unemployment compensation… A meat-packer has to die so that I can eat my steak or my pork chop… An Amazon worker has to die so that I can get my new blender…

Jesus walks with the poor; they are his Kingdom. To enter His Kingdom, I guess, I need to walk with Him and the poor of this world. To nestle safely in my cozy life will put me with the goats. I have to start doing the right thing.

As the Trinity looks at our world these days, they look at the mess we have made of Its Creation. “What shall we do?… We’ve sent them floods, wars, plagues. We sent them Jesus, and the Holy Spirit…”

So I have this strange feeling that Jesus and the Spirit are walking and chanting with the demonstrators — and this brings tears to my eyes.

How can we change our system? Can it be changed?

Black people standing up for their rights will not suffice. We must all join them, like the Sheriff in Flint, Michigan did. Priests, nuns, and bishops must march with them. Older white men and women must lock arms with the demonstrators and walk in front to protect the young.

We have to build the new Jerusalem, folks! It’s kind of an inspiring project really.

The Spirit is moving among us. Let’s listen.

Come Holy Spirit and fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in us the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and we shall be created and you shall renew the face of the earth

Note: Photo from the New York Times. Passage on the Holy Spirit from yesterday’s mass.