Later in life, I discovered that I loved being a pilgrim. Now that walking long distances does not come as easily, I have started to follow Ignatius the pilgrim, till I realized that we all are ‘cosmic pilgrims.’


For my sixtieth birthday, I created a website entitled A Catholic Woman’s Place, where I poured all that I had learned about gender issues and Feminist theology. My hope was that every sort of Catholic woman (and man) would feel welcome there.

Some time later, I moved the blog from the website to its own site at blogger. It’s called A Seat At The Table. Over 1,500 posts can be found there, on a variety of topics.

Recently, I ran into trouble at Blogger and opened a blog by the same name here.

Finally, my love for the Camino and my hope that my husband and I would be walking the Via de la Plata, from Sevilla to Santiago, led me to start another blog, Strolling to Compostelle. I only write there once in a while.