I have recently returned to Joyce Rupp’s book Fresh Bread and came a poem on page 86 which reads:

the demon of discouragement 
trips me up in hectic times, 
takes my heart apart 
and dumps out all my hope.

The demon of discouragement 
points fingers at my weakness, 
jaws his mouth at all my errors 
and threatens to undo me.

The demon of discouragement 
despises rainbows, relishes rancor, 
fights to hold my moody darkness 
and loves to see me weary.

The demon of discouragement 
fails to have the last laugh, though,
 for I've too many people of promise 
whose love outlasts my struggles.

If the demon of discouragement happens to be haunting your nights, may its spell on your heart and mind dispel in the light and love of Godde’s hope for you.

Note: Photo by author