God makes us ask ourselves questions most often when God intends to resolve them. God gives us needs that God alone can satisfy and awakens capacities that God means to fulfill.
—Thomas Merton

Every day I receive an email from jesuitprayer.org with the daily scripture, an Ignatian reflection, and an Ignatian prayer. Today, the prayer is from Thomas Merton (?!). Of the whole quote, the first sentence impacted me most. Recently, I have been asking myself questions which I cannot answer. I feel lost in transit. The second sentence is not bad either, once I start spending time with it. The whole quote, then, is very much right on time for my life at this point.

The Merton quote allowed me to breathe a huge sigh of relief. I will get an answer to my questions in Godde’s own time.

Talking with Paul about it this morning, a series of thoughts suddenly unfolded. My life is filled with goodness at this time. I am receiving much more than I have ever asked for. And I don’t know how to thank Godde for all this. I would like to respond in kind, which means ‘doing’ something for Godde and Her Creation. My mind scampers all over my daily life trying to find ideas of things ‘to do.’ The final thought that came to me then is that I may just be asked to enjoy Godde’s bountiful love at this point. The ‘doing’ will come later.

After my earlier huge sigh of relief then came a feeling of well-being that rippled through my being. It is not easy to be on the receiving end of goodness. In a way, I am like the bird in the picture above: I am sipping Godde’s goodness and marvel at the ongoing bountifulness…

Part of my challenge is that I can find no reason in my life for deserving such goodness and abundance. Godde’s gratuitous and extravagant love fills me with awe. Silence and gratitude may just be the best way to receive it.

Today my whole being is basking in Godde’s goodness.

Thank you, Godde.

Illustration: jesuitprayer.org