Prayers come in all shapes, colors, and styles.

Take these past weeks. Some family members and friends prayed for Paul and me. Thus, some Catholics, Protestants (of various denominations), atheists, New Age-rs, Hindus, and someone believing in fairies (des fées) came to the rescue. They prayed for us, sent us reiki, or light, and one asked a legion of fairies to take us through an unpleasant, uncomfortable time.

I can imagine the Prayer Central Command receiving this influx of prayers of all sorts flooding Heaven for this old couple in France. All together, they looked like prayer flags in Tibet, or like a Ben & Jerry ice-cream assortment. What’s this? asked a dispatcher. I don’t know to whom I should forward them or how to file them… And Godde smiled. She knew better. Prayers have a way of making their way to Her, from wherever they come, whomever happens to say them.

Prayers are goodness incarnate curling upward like the smoke of an incense stick.

I wish we would all pray more. There are so many reasons to pray. So much hardship everywhere, so much injustice, so much violence. We should pray to understand other religions and to love people, believers or not. We should wish the world well. We should trust that Godde’s grace will win whatever comes.

Prayer for others brings out power, energy, a strength that we don’t even know we have. Prayer means standing naked in front of Godde, emotionally naked that is, if this makes you feel more comfortable. Prayer requires honesty, showing Godde what I don’t dare looking at usually when I am alone. But with Godde nothing is impossible: I can look at what I normally prefer to hide.

Today at lunchtime, Paul and I went to mass. To say thank you and pray for all those who prayed for us. The chapel felt like home. Holding hands with a neighbor for the Our Father, someone I had never seen before. Standing in front of Godde, our hearts overflowing with gratitude to have friends who enjoy praying for us when we ask them.

Who can ask for more?

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