A few days ago, Mags Blackie wrote a post in her blog on The Importance of Grace. She closed it with this question:

Perhaps as the year begins to get underway, it may be worthwhile to ask – what grace do you seek this year?

It just happens that nearly every morning as Paul and I say our prayers together (the Daily Readings), right after the Our Father, we each ask for a grace. So, I know about asking for a grace (If you are not sure about it, see Andy Otto’s post on the topic here).

At Abbey of the Arts, Christine Valters Paintner has now asked her readers to Give Her a Word for several years now, and I have in the past. In fact, in this year’s draw I noticed the one I would have probably chosen, Silence. But I also feel drawn to Simplicity.

Silence and Simplicity, however, are a choice, something that I can work on by myself. Grace, however, is something else. Grace is a gift from the Holy Spirit. I cannot make it happen. I can only hope it will be given to me, if it fits in Godde’s plan.

Why asking for the grace of humility? Truly, in normal life, I am attracted to humility about as much as a cat is to water. In the course of my retreat, however, while praying the meditations for election (The Call of the King, The Two Standards, The Three Kinds of People, The Three Levels of Humility) and later in witnessing the Passion of Christ, I understood in a fuzzy sort of way that humility is a sine qua non (a must) if I want to follow Christ.

And I do want to follow Christ.

I could not help smiling when a day or two after I discovered the grace I wanted to ask Godde for 2015 I happen to come across, in Facebook of all places, The Litany of Humility.

As I looked at it, I saw a few lines with which I could truly identify, among both the desires and the fears.

So here I am, at the beginning of 2015, so wanting to accept changes that I have not planned (I have already been granted a couple) and to be a helper in the building of the Kingdom. Here I am Lord.

I am not quite sure where this will take me. Possibly for the first time (ever?), I like the idea of being the clay in the hands of the potter and become what I need to become to follow Him…

What grace would you like to pray for?