shine your light on us all. Let your star chase away our darkness
and fill us with your radiant love.
Make us your epiphanies

The Center for Liturgy

“Where is the newborn king of the Jews?
We saw his star at its rising
and have come to do him homage.”

Mt 2:2

In their search to find Jesus, the newborn king, when Godde becomes human so that we may become divine, the Magi travel from their faraway country, over miles and miles of landscape new to them (or so I assume). It is a pilgrimage of sort. They know they are heading toward a sacred site. Unlike most pilgrims, however, they progress at night to be able to follow the star.

Over the years, Jesus Christ has become the Northern star on my inner compass. I keep my eyes on him, as often as I remember, which is not always.

What strikes me in the story of the Magi is that, to find Jesus, they have to travel at night. At night, when everything is different, slightly more foreign than usual, when the world is full of shadows which are not always easy to identify. It is more difficult to discern the path in the dark. I remember on the Camino once arriving at night in a little town named Torres del Rio. Walking was trickier, slower.

I wonder then what is the allegory for me in the story of the Magi. The star is ever ahead of the Magi, as if waiting for them to make sure they will reach their goal. It lights up the night just enough for them not to get lost. They are in the world, while not being of the world.

I am really not sure where my life is heading these days. I feel in transition between one lifestyle and another. I am very much in the dark. But the thought that the star is there to guide me to my goal, which is Jesus Christ, gives me a profound peace and joy. There is no fear to have. Love leads me where I am meant to go. All is well.

Illustration: Wise men, found here.