… And as he sowed, some seed fell on the path, and birds came and ate it up. Some fell on rocky ground, where it had little soil.  … Mt 13:1-9

…”What we recognize in Jesus is meant to be lived by every human being. The One behind this transformation is the Holy Spirit, the divine dynamis poured into Jesus Christ — the Anointed —, from his conception on, and which is present in ever person from the very moment he or she appears and starts being alive. To the extent that we open ourselves to this anointing, we become “Christified”, we become transformed in an alter Christus.

While there is a descending, as well as an ascending, Christology, we can also talk of an inner Christology. Inner does not mean alien to the world, but rather a revelation of all that the world holds within itself. This springs from within things and people not as an effort, but as the growth of a seed (Lc 13-19), as the germination of a kernel, hidden but always present in each one of us. We come to life to welcome God’s self-giving and to become the matrix of its unfolding in the world….”

Javier Melloni, El Cristo Interior, 10-11

It is only last night that I realized that if I were to sow seeds, I would make sure to plant them in good soil — if I have any desire to see them grow, that is. But Jesus’ sower sows his seeds on the path, on rocky ground, among thorns, and finally on rich soil. The sower gives a chance to every kind of ground. He trusts the process somehow. This particular sower gave me an insight into this Godde who loves us so much: She does not have any a priori. How very different from me…

My train of thoughts did not lead me much further than this: the wonder and awe at this Godde who truly does not think as humans do.

The word ‘seed’ also brings to mind the book I am reading right now, by Javier Melloni, about this inner Christ, this divine seed inside each one of us, things or people, waiting to be awakened so that it can grow and help the unfolding of God’s self-giving not only inside of us but also into the world.

What a responsibility! What a challenge! What a mission..

This takes me back into the silence of my inner being where Godde is and wants me to become who I always was meant to be. Wow…


Photo: Sunflowers reflecting the sun’s glory, France, 2012