God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life. Jn 3:16-18


“We can only stand in awe-struck silence before such love that is beyond boldest expectation, beyond all telling.”  Karl Rahner


[Ignatius] had great devotion to the Most Holy Trinity, and so each day he prayed to the three Persons separately. But as he also prayed to the Most Holy Trinity, the thought came to him: Why did he say four prayers to the Trinity? But this thought gave him little or no difficulty, being hardly important. One day while saying the Office of Our Lady on the steps of the same monastery, his understanding began to be elevated so that he saw the Most Holy Trinity in the form of three musical keys. This brought on so many tears and so much sobbing that he could not control himself. (§28, The Autobiography)

[Note: keys as on a piano. Each produces its own sound, but the three sounds together are one harmony. George E. Ganss, S.J., ed., p. 379]


Godde so loved the world… As I read this passage this morning, I felt no desire to go any further. Godde’s love for the world, and for everyone and everything in her creation, is awesome. At last, I have come to believe in Godde’s love for us, for me. 

I owe this experience to Ignatian spirituality, but I can easily imagine encountering Godde’s love through one of the many other paths existing not only in Christianity but in all other religions. 

Believing in that love and experiencing it is a gift which seems to ripple throughout the whole of me. True, I have been longing to experience this love for a long time, sensing that it would change the way I look at my life and those who are part of it.

I find it easy to follow Ignatius’ vision and imagine the Trinity as three keys creating a harmony enchanting one’s heart. I am also taken by the love which flows from Godde to Jesus, and Jesus to Godde with and through the Holy Spirit. I see this love as an energy which invites each one of us to join in, an energy bringing goodness and light, peace and joy, strength and healing.

Godde loves us so that she became human to show us how to love and to live, willing to die of love for us.

As I begin to taste Godde’s love, I feel grateful for the gift and want to respond in kind. All I feel asked for the moment is to be, to revel in this love. Later maybe I will be shown a path to follow, an action to take. 

For the moment, remaining with this love and tasting it is enough.

May Godde’s love touch every cell in your body and invite you to join in the Trinity’s harmony.


Illustration: Rubens, The Life of Ignatius, 

Plate 16 Ignatius has a vision of the Trinity while praying at the Dominican church in Manresa

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