I am the good shepherd,
and I know mine and mine know me,
just as the Father knows me and I know the Father;
and I will lay down my life for the sheep.

Jn 10:11-18

“If we are to remain faithful to the gospel, we have to adjust its spiritual code to the new shape of the universe. It has ceased to be the formal garden from which we are temporarily banished by a whim of the Creator. It has become the great work in process of completion which we have to save by saving ourselves.” The most fundamental task of our age is to forge a union between evolution and Christianity, if we are to go forward toward the fullness of God. It became increasingly evident to Teilhard that if Christ is to remain at the center of our faith in an evolutionary universe, then this cosmic Christ must begin to offer himself for our adoration as the “evolutive” Christ—Christ the Evolver. The one who is in evolution is himself the cause and center of evolution and its goal.

Delio, Ilia (2011-11-09). The Emergent Christ. Orbis Books. Kindle Edition (820-822). 

Teilhard’s quote from Christianity and Evolution, 91-92 and 181.

Jesus our shepherd became, after his resurrection, Christ our shepherd. He is with us always. John’s gospel, science and evolutionary Christianity all tell us and show us that Christ, the Word, was with us from the beginning of times and is accompanying us through times toward the Omega Point, lifting everyone of us up with Him.

Christ is also asking everyone of us to be a shepherd wherever we find ourselves. We all are sheep who are expected to become shepherds when needed. I realize that convention tells us that priests are our shepherds, which is partly true. By going along with this idea, however, I do not have to take responsibility for some of what I could do wherever I am. 

One of my beloved shepherds these days is a Sister of the Sacred Heart. Anyone who protects, guides, and inspires is a shepherd. Each one of you reading this post is a leader, in one domain or another. Any time we pour some of our love into the world, for instance, we follow into the footsteps of our Divine Shepherd and lead others to Him.

I remember Teilhard writing that we can choose to help the world evolve toward the Omega Point or we can slow it down and contribute to its devolution. I can help make the world a better place or I can maintain the status quo and add my shoulder to the structure of sin. Every small act, each innocuous thought, during the day adds to or subtracts from the good of order…

I can hear the call of our Cosmic Shepherd. How I want to follow Him…

Art: Salvador Dali, the Ascension of Christ, 1958