Easter is about transformation. This transformation is symbolically, mythically, sacramentally, imaged as death/resurrection, in turn imaged as Baptism. We are trying to undergo the transformation by experiencing the sacramental power of these images. We are following Jesus as our archetype, as well as our teacher and our friend, the one who exemplifies the very transformation we are facing. He is also what is called in Greek the mystagogos, the mystagogue, the one who leads us into the mysteries, the one who initiates us into the secret, into that which is told with closed lips. And he is himself the Way into which he leads us, as he is the Life into which we are led.
– Beatrice Bruteau, The Easter Mysteries , seen at Suzanne Guthrie’s The Edge of the Enclosure

Every act of complete self giving in the name of the fullness, even though you feel like you are isolated, ignored, unconnected, and meaningless, connects you immediately and becomes a sacrament for the manifestation of that dance of perichoresis, the fullness of love. That’s what happened in Jesus’ case, that’s what he is teaching. It is not a renunciate path. It is not a hold back, guard your purity, don’t touch the world because you might be contaminated. It is the world of give yourself fully, hold nothing back because in this act of complete self giving you make manifest what the kingdom of love looks like.
– Cynthia Bourgeault, The Shape of God: Deepening the Mystery of Trinity

Mystery. Mystagogos, mystagogue. Mystagogy. Being led into the mystery, being initiated into the secret. Walking on the razor’s edge between life and death, finding out that the two are but one.

Kenosis, self-giving, self-emptying. Saying ‘yes’ to fear, to the unknown. Surrender, out of adoration, reverence and awe.

Eucharist, with a capital or a small e. Offering thanks, accepting the gift, answering the invitation. Once again, saying ‘yes’.

Jesus Christ forever catches up with us, with me, on the road of my life. Oh, the call of love. The sweetness of the summons. The being swept up by the love poured in my heart, as He speaks and breaks open the bread of his life, of my life.

What a mystery. What a wonderful mystery.


Art: Gisele Bauche, The Road to Emmaus. Found here.