Jesus went up the mountain and summoned those whom he wanted and they came to him. He appointed Twelve, whom he also named Apostles…

Mk 3:13-19


Some thoughts on today’s scripture

     • As I read this list of names I consider how my name, too, is called by Jesus. He knows who I am, loves me and believes that I am ready to work by his side.

     • I pray for my friends and acquaintances. We are, each of us, called by God. I pray that I may cherish each of them as God does.

Sacred Space

Going over today’s passages and after enjoying the development in David and Saul’s story, I came to the Gospel and my eyes glazed over. Jesus calls some of his friends, that he may send them to preach and drive out demons. Hm. Oh, the old feeling of being left out…

As usual, I went to Give Us This Day and Sacred Space to check out their take on it. When I read Sacred Space’s first point, I knew that I had received the blessing of the day. Of course, Jesus calls me. I know He has done so long ago. I would not do or be much of what I am doing and am, if it were not for this call. Old wounds, however, wounds that I may be keeping alive out of some self-destructive leanings, blocked me this morning either from recognizing or remembering the call.

This is where Sacred Space comes in and rearranges my psyche to help me see what is and always was. We each are called to go up that mountain where Jesus is waiting for us. Many voices, from the outside and the inside, come to shush down that call; too often they succeed.

May each one of us today be reminded of that call, of its authenticity and open invitation to become one’s true self in company of a multitude of others, to bring Goddes’ shalom to all.


As a PS: A short excerpt from Paul Coutinho’s An Ignatian Pathway, of which I savor a bit every day:

Our preparation for prayer is as important as the prayer itself. Ignatius wants us to empty ourselves of all selfishness so that we are able to receive all that Godde wants to give us. (11)


Illustration: James Tissot, Jesus Chooses The Twelve