I discovered Paul Coutinho’s books ‘by chance’ last year, before and during a retreat. Two of his books impacted me:
Just as You Are: Opening Your Life to the Infinite Love of God and
How Big Is Your God?: The Freedom to Experience the Divine. I was therefore thrilled when I found out that he also had a blog.
Two days ago, I saw his latest post, Birth of a dancing star, and his idea of Baptisms of Water, Spirit, and Fire. All this makes sense to me.

Paul's Blog

At the beginning of this New Year there is an urgency of breaking forth into a new realm of life and reality. It feels scary sometimes, crazy at others but there seems to be no stopping. Something within is proclaiming: the world as we know it is gone, the life that we have lived is over and God as we know does not exists anymore.
We experience chaos and darkness in different parts of the world and all around us and remember that from chaos and darkness we have the first account of creation in the Bible. This chaos is birthing a dancing star.
We are living at an exciting time in our lives where the past is fading away and life is opening up to a new reality. The barriers that were created to divide the world are crumbling and bringing us closer as one human family; the materialistic…

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