A heart-stopping post. How much I can relate to this!

Adolfo Quezada

What do you want from me?

 This is the question I ask the universe with my arms outstretched and my palms turned upward. Sometimes my question takes the form of frustration, but mostly it is a sincere request for divine guidance.

 My question is not asking for heavenly marching orders, nor is it inquiring about the expectations that destiny may have of me. Rather, it is my prayer asking God, “Given the uniqueness with which you have created me, how can I best be of service to you?”

 Referring to myself as “unique” may sound awfully egotistical and, in fact, it would be if it was my ego asking the question. My ego wants to be considered unique because it is in constant competition to outdo others. It is the source of vanity, pride, and envy. But even when I am able to break away from my ego and live…

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